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Manoj Srivastava

Hi. My name is Manoj and I am a software engineer living in Seattle, WA. I work on solving problems using computers. In the past it has lead me to the development of distributed applications, trouble shooting complex real time parallel systems, designing and validating mandatory access control security policies, validation of complex software projects for DARPA and IARPA, and operations and support of a huge fleet (well, Amazon's retail website), and performance profiling and capacity planning. Details are in my resumé. I tend to be a generalist, and I like living the divide between software development, operations, research, and designing solutions for complex problems. Effectively, I am a nerd, and ma having a blast.

I am also a free software evangelist, and I have been a Debian developer for over a decade. I have served on the Debian technical committee, technical policy editors team, and as the project secretary. I maintain a dozen Debian packages, notably flex and make. I like the Debian community, and since I can't help but program, this provides me with my fix.

Before I did all those things, I was, and am, an avid reader. I started with the classics at the tender age of ten (somewhat to my parents dismay), and moved to the guilty pleasures of modern fiction i high school, Since then, I have added science fiction and fantasy to my repertoire. A significant portion of the stuff we move between houses is our books. I have some suggestions.

I also play Dungeons & Dragons, and I have been known to DM, though I prefer playing to being the DM. I usually am crafter of mechanisms that one cannot see, and yet affect the world i significant ways -- a magic user (the same description also apply to software authors).

More details (if you really want) are available in the about tab.

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