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Using org-mode with Ikiwiki

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Sunday 08 June

I have been much taken by org-mode in Emacs recently. Firstly, this has allowed me to actually effectively implement the tenets of "Getting things done", which is amazing by itself. I always used to start with great enthusiasm, which rarely lasted longer than a week. Until org-mode. Then this is so amazingly flexible. It has better handling of tables and even a spreadsheet mode than anything I have used — and it has a pretty decent HTML export function. I practically live in org-mode on work days now. I strongly recommend org-mode, from things like agendas, TODO lists, calendars, appointments, articles, and now Ikiwiki posts.

I rarely ever use markdown, apart from blogging using Ikiwiki – and thus, since I blog so infrequently, I rarely ever remember all the syntax. On the other hand, org-mode syntax is now at my finger tips – so I decided it was time to write a Ikiwiki plugin so I can now write my blog posts using syntax I can actually remember. It is still rough around the edges – firstly, this requires emacs23 (or, on Debian, there is the unofficial emacs-snapshot package), secondly, it uses hueristic hacks to prune away the bits of the stand alone HTML page that org-mode creates; all I can say is that it currently works for me, as you can see from this post. How git this is for mainlne inclusion is another matter.

The code is here: org.pm. It can be dropped in to the Ikiwiki plug-in directory, and that's all you need. With this, Ikiwiki pre-process things in the input file, and then passes it to emacs to htmlize it.


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