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A day in the life of a Debian hacker

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Wednesday 25 February
#+TITLE: A day in the life of a Debian hacker #+AUTHOR: Manoj Srivastava #+EMAIL: srivasta@debian.org #+DATE: #+LANGUAGE: en #+OPTIONS: H:0 num:nil toc:nil \n:nil @:t ::t |:t ^:t -:t f:t *:t TeX:t LaTeX:t skip:nil d:nil tags:not-in-toc #+INFOJS_OPT: view:showall toc:nil ltoc:nil mouse:underline buttons:nil path:http://orgmode.org/org-info.js #+LINK_UP: http://www.golden-gryphon.com/blog/manoj/ #+LINK_HOME: http://www.golden-gryphon.com/ I have been meaning to write this up for a long time now, since I #+BEGIN_HTML Packaging activity diagram #+END_HTML vaguely made a promise to do so last Debconf. I have also been wondering about the inefficiencies in my work-flow, but I kept postponing my analysis since there were still large gaps in my packaging automation since I moved off Arch as my SCM of choice. However, recently I have taken a sabbatical from Debian, so I've had time to complete bits and pieces of my package building framework, enough so that I could no longer justify putting off the analysis. I tried writing it up, but the result confused even me; so I instead recorded every shell command during a recent series of packaging tasks, and converted that into a nice, detailed, activity diagram that you see over here. This is as efficient a work-flow as I have been able to come up with. #+BEGIN_HTML #+END_HTML I use the usual suspects, /uscan/, /git/, /pristine-tar/, /git\_load\_dirs/, /dch/, /dpkg/, /lintian/, /dupload/, and three scripts that I wrote myself to help with automation. I build using a SELinux vitual machine in enforcing mode, but I have not included the steps taken to setup or tear down the virtual machine in the work-flow. I have not used /pbuilder/, since I did not like some of the choices (/pbuilder-uml/ used to underlay the host machine fs on the virtual machine, and then create a chroot in the virtual machine, which was too convoluted for me) and I like watching SELinux AVC warnings to see if the build system does something funky. The result has been a work-flow that is virtual machine flavor agnostic. I also do not use /topgit/, since I dislike on principle serializing the features in my feature branches, but that is the topic of a whole new blog entry. The three scripts I have written are: - stage\_release :: Copies my current git directory, its submodules (for =./debian=), and the submodules of the submodules (=./debian/common=), and stages it into a file system mounted in my virtual machine (my vitual machine does not have access to the non-staging area on the host). It also gets rid of git specific directories from the exported sources. It knows about the layout and location of my working area, so I can call =stage_release = from anywhere in the file system. - remote\_build :: This script lives in the virtual machine, and is used to be run via ssh. It mounts the host staging directory, copies files to the build user home directory, ensures that the build dependencies are satisfied, and runs /dpkg-buildpackage/ -- *twice*. Then it copies the results back out to the staging results directory on the host machine, for further testing. - tag\_release :: This script, which also knows the work directory location and layout, parses the =debian/changelog=, derives a tag based on the changelog entry, tags the =./debian= directory, and the top level package /master/ branch, and pushes the sources and the tags to the public repository ionce I have uploaded the package to the archives. I generally delay the tagging and upload, so as to be able to use /--amend/ while I quietly fix typos locally. #+BEGIN_HTML #+END_HTML Along with a git commit hook script, that parses the commit log and adds pending tags to bugs closed in the commit, the figure above represents my complete work-flow -- down to the details of every /cd/ command I executed. I think there are too many steps still. Feedback and commentary would be appreciated, as well as any suggestions to improve efficiency.


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